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Information on transmission of data

The Agency, for the purpose of its statutory activity, obtains data on the provision and financing of healthcare services.

In order to obtain the data necessary to determine the tariff, AOTMiT, pursuant to the Act of 27 August 2004 on healthcare services financed from public funds, applies to entities obliged to finance healthcare services from public funds and healthcare providers, who are obliged to make the data available to AOTMiT, ensuring their highest quality and completeness. The basis for data availability is a request for data sent by AOTMiT, which defines the principles and work schedule.

The collected data include information with various levels of detail, from financial and accounting data to very detailed data corresponding to the patient’s hospitalisation (data on medicinal products, medical devices, procedures performed, personnel involved). The standard form of making data available by healthcare providers is the structure of forms defined by the AOTMiT, which is intended to achieve uniformity of data submitted in a given area.

The data provided for purposes other than benefit tariff determination are not obligatory, but help to develop a model of cooperation for the future.

AOTMiT conducts extensive activities to support service providers in the process of preparing and sharing data, such as: training in the scope, structure and correctness of their preparation and the influence of data quality on the tariff level.

There is also individual technical and content-related support in the preparation of data from the entire range of medical activities, consisting of increased assistance of the employees of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tarification in identifying data recorded in the domain systems HIS of service providers, in order to make them available for the purposes of statutory activities.

Partnership relations with healthcare providers are also built by actively involving clinical experts in the process of tariffs, enabling them to submit comments and suggestions for changes to the current level and method of financing services, as well as to the tariff drafts proposed by AOTMiT.