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Application Functionality

Link to the application: https://appsrk.aotm.gov.pl/

The SRK application is a free, innovative tool for healthcare entities and enables cost accounting, pricing of medical procedures, benchmarking, and effective management.

Application modules:

  • data entry
  • pricing of medical procedures,
  • reports,
  • management dashboard,
  • indicators.


Data entry

Data entry:

  • data import to the application from an MS Excel file in line with a prepared template,
  • possibility to enter or edit the data directly in the system,
  • cost accounting in compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 26 October 2020 on recommendations regarding the cost accounting standard at healthcare providers.




Pricing of medical procedures

  • import of normative unit costs of medical procedures using an MS Excel file template when the pricing is performed outside the application,
  • import of dictionaries for prices of direct materials and healthcare personnel rates,
  • pricing of normative unit costs of medical procedures,
  • an easy way to periodically update the pricing of medical procedures.





  • preparation of reports containing the most relevant financial information,
  • display of sorted data per selected filters: type of activity, type of cost centre, time range,
  • presentation of data entered in the form of simple tables (with the option to expand the data to the analytical level) and charts,
  • option to download charts and tables to CSV, SVG, PNG/DOC or XLSX files,
  • option to expand the reporting base according to the needs of the healthcare providers.






Management dashboard

  • simultaneous presentation of data from multiple sources,
  • general-to-specific multidimensional data analysis,
  • support in management’s decision-making.




  • access to information on basic values of economic and financial indicators and statistical indicators at the level of the entity and individual cost centres,
  • comparison of one’s own results with those of other domestic entities or other entities in individual provinces (anonymised data).