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AOTMiT’s training project

AOTMiT’s training project – Rational decisions in the healthcare system, with particular attention to regional health policy – POWER


Scope of the Project



Objective of the Project

  • creating local government health policy programs,
  • regional health protection strategies,
  • benefits financed from public funds,
  • the pricing process,
  • therapeutic process.


Description of the Project


The project entitled „Rational decisions in the healthcare system, with particular attention to regional health policy” is implemented within the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (POWER) financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Most of the tasks of the project in question are educational activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the health care system, with particular emphasis on the development of analytical skills and internal audit in health care system units, and are addressed to administrative employees and managers of medical entities, as well as representatives of the payer and entities creating . Activities for the development of social dialogue and the idea of ​​social responsibility of health care institutions have also been planned, through, support for cooperation between the administration of the health care system and patient organizations.

As part of the project, training courses (currently in online form) are conducted, including the following modules:

  1. Health policy programs
  2. Tariffs of benefits
  3. Clinical guidelines
  4. Drug reimbursement


Project completion date – 28 June 2023

All details about the project are available on the following website: