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Tariff system

Under the Act of 22 July 2014 amending the Act on healthcare services financed from public funds and certain other acts, starting 1 January 2015, the Agency was assigned a new task consisting in setting tariffs for healthcare services and preparing reports in this respect, as well as in developing, verifying, collecting, making available and disseminating information on tariffs, and to develop draft recommendations for the cost accounting standard applicable to healthcare providers.

Tariff setting plan, each time drawn up for a given calendar year by 1 June of the preceding year, approved by the Minister of Health, is the basis for activities related to setting the tariff for healthcare services. All tariff setting plans are published in the Public Information Bulletin.

It is necessary to obtain healthcare service provider data for all services included in the . Tariff setting plan (Tariff report) on the healthcare services is the result of analytical work on the collected data obtained during the proceedings; the draft tariffs included in the report are subject to public consultations,  and they are then reviewed by The Tariffs Council.

The President of AOTMiT decides on a tariff and publishes it by way of an Announcement of the President of AOTMiT in AOTMiT’s Public Information Bulletin, following prior approval by the Minister of Health.

The Agency’s activities related to tariff setting and the cost accounting standard result in many benefits to both healthcare providers and to the entire healthcare system. Most notably, they provide information on the actual costs of the provided healthcare services, which ensures proper distribution of funds by the payer. The purpose of the activity is to improve the system within the scope covered by the tariff.