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Adaptation process

AOTMiT has developed an accelerated pathway for guideline development, based on many years of experience in issuing opinions on recommendations for diagnostic and therapeutic pathways and methodological knowledge, which allows for their development when needed due to a threat to public health.

The guidelines under the accelerated pathway are developed by way of a cooperation of :

  • clinical experts
  • and Agency’s analysts.

Diagram - The process of drafting clinical guidelines - accelerated pathway

From a methodological point of view, the works are based on the ADAPTE methodology and use many elements of the guidelines’ adaptation process:

  • definition of the detailed scope and formulation of appropriate clinical questions;
  • creation of a recommendation matrix that compares global guidelines in a given area;
  • detailed analysis of publications identified in the systematic reviews;
  • development of the recommendations on the basis of collected data and scientific evidence;
  • discussion on the acceptability and applicability of recommendations;
  • final drafting of the recommendations.

Whenever the situation requires, after the publication of the first version of the recommendations, the teams carry out regular updating reviews in order to collect scientific information and evidence that may indicate a need for an update of the guideline document.