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Gin-McMaster Checklist

The translation of the GIN-McMaster Guideline Development Checklist into Polish has been prepared as part of the AOTMiT’s cooperation with the Supreme Medical Chamber. It is available on McMaster University’s website.

The checklist has been created as a result of cooperation between the Guidelines International Network and McMaster University. It is composed of 18 topics related to the process of developing guidelines, which describe in detail the items to be considered at each stage of the process:

  • it supports planning of the guideline development process and monitoring its course;
  • it ensures that none of the key steps in the process are overlooked;
  • it includes references to additional materials and tools supporting the development and improvement of the process of developing guidelines.

It should be underlined that the GIN-McMaster checklist is not intended to replace guideline credibility assessment tools like AGREE II; however, following the steps described in this tool consistently helps achieve a better result when assessing the quality and credibility of guidelines.