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Cooperation with AOTMiT’s Tariff System Department

We invite you to cooperate with the AOTMiT’s Tariff System Department in the following areas:


Cooperation with experts – in connection with the work carried out by the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System on the healthcare services tariff, the President of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System invites clinical experts from various medical fields, medical specialists, and experienced practitioners to cooperate with us in the field of tariff-setting. Such cooperation is based on substantive consultations as well as on the establishment of reference healthcare pathways. It is anticipated that the experts’ cooperation with AOTMiT will contribute to:

  • assessment of healthcare services by determining the impact on individual/public health, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, burden in the event of restricted access, as well as moral hazard on the part of patients and the risk of abuse on the part of healthcare providers;
  • verification or determination of inclusion and exclusion criteria for the use of medical intervention (technology);
  • verification of the techniques and methods currently used in clinical practice, financed from public funds;
  • determination of minimum quality characteristics/parameters of the medical devices used in the provision of healthcare services;
  • determination of indications for use of particular types of medical devices;
  • description of patient pathways (procedures) in specific diagnoses/treatments as part of a single contact with the healthcare provider and subsequent contacts;
  • development of reference healthcare pathways, i.e. a set defining the type and volume of resources involved in the provision of the service (medical personnel, drugs, medical devices and other equipment over time) or issuing opinions on the pathways based on the data obtained from healthcare providers;
  • analysis of the clinical homogeneity of the current diagnostic groups with possible proposals for changes in this respect, e.g. through separating new groups or merging existing ones (for example, in line with ICD-9 and ICD-10);
  • identification of the need to introduce changes to the criteria for the settlement of diagnostic groups (including ICD-9 and ICD-10) in order to include missing items or specify them in greater detail so that they correspond to actual medical practice;
  • identification of causes of excessive waiting time for healthcare services and ways to shorten it;
  • indication of the proposed changes with regard to the method and rules for financing healthcare services or issuing opinions on the changes proposed by the Agency;
  • analysis of the proposed changes in terms of their impact on the healthcare system;
  • ongoing substantive consultations concerning clinical and accounting aspects of healthcare services.

To engage, experts must create an account on the eksperci.aotm.gov.pl website, fill in the form and confirm the data.

AOTMiT may accept a Declaration of Cooperation with AOTMiT only after consent to the processing of personal data provided in the declaration is given.

Study on the level of data collection in hospitals for 2019 – the survey aims to diagnose IT systems in the area of collecting medical and financial accounting data, as well as to learn about your capabilities to prepare medical and cost data on medical services provided.

The aim of the survey is to learn about your IT systems, the method of recording medical and cost data, and the degree of detail in which they are recorded. We would also like to learn about whether it is possible for you to prepare data on the healthcare services provided in the layout specified by AOTMiT and to include them in subsequent requests for data sharing.

It is very important that you to take part in this survey and take the time to answer the survey questions in a reliable and truthful way.

Ankieta (The survey)

The survey should be saved locally on your computer. Next, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended version >= 10.X).

After completing the survey in line with the provided form and instructions, please send an editable pdf version to taryfikacja@aotm.gov.pl 

On your attempt to save the survey, the system will identify any required fields left blank and display a message about the number of blank fields. Please verify and fill in all the fields before sending the survey.