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Health Policy Programmes

Health policy programmes (HPP) may be developed, introduced, implemented and financed by ministers and local self-government units. The legal basis for the implementation of the above-mentioned activities is Article 48a of the Act on healthcare services financed from public funds (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1398, as amended). HPP should contain, i.a.:

  • description of the disease or health problem;
  • justification for the introduction of the programme, together with epidemiological data and a description of the current procedure;
  • objectives of the programme, together with performance measures;
  • characteristics of the target population, including inclusion and exclusion criteria;
  • characteristics of the interventions planned to be implemented under the programme and an indication of their link with the health benefit package;
  • method of monitoring and evaluating;
  • programme budget, broken down into unit and total costs.

The HPP template is specified in the regulation of the Minister of Health of 22 December 2017 on the template of the health policy programme, the template of the final report on the implementation of the health policy programme and the manner of preparation of the draft health policy programme and the final report on the implementation of the health policy programme (Journal of Laws 2017, item 2476).

The beginning of the introduction, implementation and financing of the HPP may take place only after a positive or conditionally positive opinion of the AOTMiT’s President is obtained.

Diagram - process of issuing opinions for health policy programmes