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The AOTMIT cooperated with the Supreme Medical Chamber, to translate the The ADAPTE Manual and Toolkit into Polish (ADAPTE. Adaptacja wytycznych: pakiet narzędzi (ADAPTE. Guideline Adaptation:  Resource Toolkit))

The ADAPTE Manual and Toolkit include a description of the methodology and toolkit supporting the adaptation of clinical practice guidelines as one of the methods of developing diagnostic and therapeutic pathway recommendations:

  • they ensure a systematic approach to the application or modification of existing guidelines developed in one cultural and organisational context for use in another;
  • they enable adaptation of documents to specific needs, priorities, legislation, policies and conditions;
  • they are addressed to the needs of different user groups (i.a. authors of guidelines, healthcare providers and decision-makers at the local and national level) interested in developing or implementing guidelines.

The whole process has been designed to ensure:

  • flexibility;
  • possibility of adapting to specific resources and the target context;
  • improvement of the quality and relevance of the adapted guidelines.