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Benefits of using the application

Link to the application: https://appsrk.aotm.gov.pl/

The SRK application is a tool supporting the process of introducing and implementing the guidelines set forth in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 26 October 2020 on recommendations regarding the cost accounting standard at healthcare providers (Journal of Laws 2020, item 2045). The application unifies the method of identifying, collecting, processing, presenting and interpreting information on the costs of healthcare services. The system provides information to support the management in making decisions related to the optimisation of the use of financial resources. Additionally, the application enables benchmarking with other service providers in terms of economic indicators.


Expected benefits for users:

  • improving the cost accounting process (automation of the process in the application),
  • reducing the intensity of labour related to cost accounting,
  • improving the process of pricing medical procedures and their cyclical updates,
  • supporting directors/managers of medical entities in making current decisions related to the allocation of financial resources within the units and the preparation of financial and investment plans.


Small, medium and large healthcare treatment entitties