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Impact HTA

Impact HTA

Improved Methods and Actionable Tools for Enhancing Health Technology Assessment

                                                                  Details:  HERE (TUTAJ)                                             Details: HERE(TUTAJ)

Scope of the Project 

This project brings together a team of high-level experts with very broad experience in the fields of health policy, health economics, health and research methodologies, access to medicines, pharmaceutical policies and HTA.

Objective of the Project

IMPACT HTA is an international research project on new and improved analytical methods, with the objective of:

  • understanding the differences in costs and health effects of interventions within and between countries;


  • integrating clinical and economic data from different sources to improve economic assessment methods in the context of health technology assessment (HTA) and to measure health system performance – details HERE (TUTAJ).

The three detailed objectives of the project include:

The project covers 10 thematic areas – details HERE (TUTAJ).

The Agency is involved in 7 out of 10 work packages (marked in bold in the diagram).

Benefits of participation in the Project

Thanks to the Agency’s participation, the project has access to data on Poland, including information about:

  • the construction of the healthcare system;
  • the course of reimbursement processes and health technology assessment;
  • the mode and level of financing healthcare services.

At the same time, as HTA practitioners, the Agency’s representatives may review the solutions developed within the framework of the project and their usefulness in everyday work, which allows for their improvement and adaptation to specific needs.

Thanks to its presence in the project, the Agency may gain unique knowledge and experience by enhancing its existing competences, contributing to international scientific achievements (e.g. publications), gaining new contacts and, on the basis of such cooperation, comparing internal processes and improving them.


In 2019, a half-yearly financial settlement of the costs incurred in the period of 1.5 years from the beginning of the project was carried out and was approved by the European Commission.

Information on the project’s progress is available at: