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Communication on the meeting of the Tariff Council on 25.08.2022

At its meeting on 25 August 2022, the Council reviewed the valuation of services under the pilot programme for the early diagnosis of dementia disorders. The Council held a discussion with representatives of the Ministry of Health regarding the concerns identified at the level of the scope of the pilot programme and the method of its financing. The Council recommends the development of a template and model for the financing of pilot programmes launched with public funds.

The Council took note of the results of the cost analyses and proposals for new valuations in relation to services provided in the Hospital Emergency Department, the Emergency Room, and Night time, Sundays and Public Holiday Health Care Services. As a result of the consultation with the representative of the National Health Fund (NFZ) and the discussion, the Council commented on the material presented and asked for additional analyses.

The Council decided to postpone the topic “Methodology for pricing of benefits – current solutions and directions for further work (Part 3)” to one of its forthcoming meetings.