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The Meeting of the Transparency Council No. 21/2022 of 30.05.2022

The agenda includes:

Preparation of a position on the legitimacy of changing the medical technology for the guaranteed health care services within the scope of ICD-9 procedures: 84.502 – introduction of growth factors of autologous origin and ICD-9: 84.503 – introduction of growth factors from stem cells together with an indication of the scope of indications for use.

Preparation of a position on the evaluation of the drug Lynparza (olaparibum) within the framework of the drug programme: “Treatment of patients with metastatic or ineligible for radical treatment pancreatic adenocarcinoma with mutations in the BRCA 1/2 genes (ICD-10 C 25.0, C 25.1, C 25.2, C 25.3, C 25.5, C 25.6, C 25.7, C 25.8, C 25.9)”.

Preparation of a position on the legitimacy of granting approval for the reimbursement of the foodstuff for particular nutritional uses Betaquik in the following indications: GLUT-1 glucose transporter deficiency; drug-resistant epilepsy.

Preparation of an opinion on draft health policy programmes of local government units:

  • ,,Programme for prevention and early detection of overweight and obesity among children of classes IV-VIII, pupils of primary schools from the Radom Poviat area, for 2022-2023″,”,
  • ,,Health programme of secondary prevention of cervical cancer self-sampling – screening based on HPV test” (Kobierzyce municipality).