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Transparency Council Meeting 17/2022 on 02/05/2022

The agenda includes:

Preparation of an opinion on the assessment of the legitimacy of introducing a new division into limit groups in the area of reimbursed specialist dressings issued on prescription, used in chronic wounds and blistering separation of the epidermis.

Preparation of opinions on draft health policy programs of local government units:

  • “Treatment of infertility by in vitro fertilization for residents of the Piaseczno Municipality for 2022-2024”,
  • “Securing fertility for the future in oncologically ill residents of Wrocław for 2022-2024”.

Preparation of an opinion on the inclusion in reimbursement drugs containing active substances:

  • valproic acid for the indication: patients aged 18 years and over with correctly diagnosed chronic migraine according to the current criteria of ICHD (International Classification of Headache Disorders), based on the patient’s headache diary for the last 4 months,
  • peginterferonum alfa-2a for the indication: C84.0 mycosis fungoides granulomatosis, C84.1 Sezary’s disease; D45 true melanoma, D47.1 chronic disease of the marrow production system, D75.2 spontaneous hyperplasia,
  • sirolimusum for the indication: Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome,
  • tacrolimusum for myasthenia gravis,
  • carbamazepineum for the indication: epileptic seizures in asymptomatic cerebral motor cortex metastases – prophylaxis.